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Easter Weekend – Traditions, Recipes, & More

Hi, hi, hi! Happy Monday, friends!

We hope you got to enjoy a little bit more of a “normal” celebration with family over the weekend, even if Easter isn’t typically your thing.

For us, it was so great to be outside and celebrating!  The weather was perfect and the company was even better.

I don’t know about you, but I took so much joy in seeing so many pictures online over the weekend of people looking happy (!!) and spending time together.  We know that’s not the case for everyone, (we were missing some from our crew, too!) but it was a much needed reprieve from last Easter in isolation. Agreed?!

Anyways, because y’all know how much we both loving hosting we thought we would give a little breakdown of what we did, where we kept it simple, and some traditions we upheld & made.

If you’re new around here, first things first: Dawn is my (Lauren’s!) mother-in-law.  So for background purposes, I hosted some of my family for brunch in the morning, and she cooked Easter dinner for the majority of our immediate crew!

Lauren’s, Easter Brunch —


Because of my other job (photography), I have access to a wholesale flower company.  One of my favorite things about holidays is to put together table arrangements that add just a little bit of fun!  I know that’s not available for everyone, but as we mentioned in our post a few weeks ago, we always recommend something living on the table.  Plus, paired with some fun tapers and one of my favorite runners from Salt Shop Handmade, it was pretty simple but perfect.

Food & Traditions

I was in charge of quiches, which were so yummy, I’m planning on making another one this afternoon so that we can enjoy it all week.  I always cheat with quiches and use Pillsbury pie crusts.  For my crew we did a veggie one and a sausage one.

The base for each of the quiches, I put together 6 eggs, 1 1/2c of heavy cream.  For the sausage one, we filled it with hot sausage, peppers, onions, and Monterey jack & cheddar cheeses.  For the veggie one, I threw in tomatoes, onions, peppers, broccoli, and sweet potato with mozzarella and parmesan mixed on top. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it!)

I also decided that my favorite two year-old was in need of a fun little tradition and so we made the “Instagram” bunny cinnamon rolls.  They were so quick, and I forewent all of the extras and went for straight icing on top!


  • Our Easter bunny cinnamon rolls are an easy tradition I hope to continue! Just check back in to see if next year I end up doing the same!
  • We put together a little basket for our 2 year old and she was so delighted by the confetti colored string, it was hilarious.  We could’ve skipped the rest quite frankly 😉

Dawn’s Easter Dinner


Dawn took cues from our Spring Table Inspiration and used a big jar of flowers on the table! So cute and easy!

Food & Traditions

One of the traditions that has always been a part of our family is lamb as the main dish on Easter.  Our sweet Gram made lamb and potatoes for as long as we can remember.  Plus, for Lauren each year, she always made sure to have a chicken breast waiting, too! The tradition carried on this year 🙂  So delicious!

We also had an outdoor egg hunt for the grandkids and neighbors and they all had a blast opening their plastics eggs to find treasures.


However you spent your weekend, we hope it was filled with laughter, sunshine, and things that make you happy! Wishing you and yours had a wonderful Easter weekend! Xx!

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Easter Blooms and Inspiration for Hosting photo

Easter Weekend – Traditions, Recipes, & More

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